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Colleen Thornbrugh of Sun Face Studio is a professional and teaching artist currently residing in Nashville, TN.


Colleen has years of experience working in the community teaching K-12 children. Colleen has taught hundreds of students and has worked extensively teaching art with the Great Schools Partnership in Knoxville via the Knoxville Museum of Art, University of Tennessee, Boys & Girls Clubs and Thursday Connection Homeschool Cooperative. She has a passion for helping her students experiment with many different media – everything from oil pastels to stop motion animation and puppet building!

Colleen currently teaches Digital Art & Design full-time for Williamson County Schools. 


When not teaching classes, Colleen works as a mixed media artist from her home studio. Colleen's paintings are mainly non-representational, meant to evoke the inner landscape. She loves to work intuitively, experimenting with color and texture. 

Colleen lives in Nashville with her husband and daughter.

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